Our vision

MPower is bringing off grid sustainable energy systems, based on natural energy sources, to all places of the world.

Mpower developped a hybrid off-grid renewable energy system that delivers renewable energy to the local smart grid.

The overall system consists of generation from wind, flowing water and solar with energy storage in batteries. The network elements are cleverly made for maximum efficiency.

To Mpower regions & people throughout the world by sustainable energy solutions using natural sources wind, water and sun in renewable smartgrids

The operation of the off-grid energy system will go through an Energy Service Company (ESCo). MPower is committed to a global marketing system, especially as a replacement for local grids powered by diesel generators.

Mpowering the people and regions -> WHY?

  • Bringing energy is bringing welfare
  • Lowering energy costs, less use of diesel generators
  • Lowering carbon emissions
  • Income opportunities related to power generation
  • Less dependence of fossil energy
  • Independence of politics and economical energy situation


Do you have a question about Smartgrids or a renewable project. Feel free to contact us.